About us


My name is Ashlee. I'm a 23 year old who was once told by her first college art instructor, "You're a great idea person, but art is about executing those ideas. I don't think you'll do very well here [the art world]." I used that moment and plenty of moments in between as a driving force to get, well, here. A few months (exactly 6) post grad I found myself numb and uninspired. I had found a good job using my design degree, so in that respect I was lucky. However, designing for a job was and is so much different than designing for fun. I also felt wildly unstimulated - no one had pushed me to think outside the box in months, least of all myself. I hadn't challenge myself to make personal artwork since before graduation which felt unsettling.

I knew my goal for 2017 would be to "make" and I didn't really care what as long as I kept showing up and trying. I decided that I needed to start a blog where I could show up and document these efforts and decided on the name Twelve Months of Making. As I prepped myself for this large personal goal, I sought inspiration from other makers via the internet. For days, I found myself scrolling the websites of bloggers, artisans, freelancers, and more. I constantly kept putting myself in the way of people pursuing their passion and it undoubtedly rubbed off on me. I felt compelled to make Twelve Months something more than just myself.

What if I could interview these people I so admirably looked up to? What if I could pick their brain? What if I  could share tips and motivation with even just a few people? What if I could connect with those who were struggling like I was?

The idea truly took off from there. I set up a landing page, cold-emailed a few people I hoped to interview, and shared the idea in one Facebook group. I needed the accountability. I'm still making things up as I go along, but I feel like this is something I'm meant to be doing. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings and all the amazing things we will make together!