Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are you making?

We are making so many things this year, both tangible and intangible. From real work to concepts, no kind of "making" is truly off limits. Just like the makers themselves, making takes many different forms and we hope to give reverence to all of them. If you're still itching for specifics here's a good idea of things that will be made: artwork, websites, food, designs, messes, paintings, poems, self-initiated projects, connections, drinks, stamps, re-brands, mood boards, huge decisions, candles, prints, time for yourself, crafts, DIYs, physical products, plans, goals, tutorials, videos, buttons, photos, lettering, mistakes, dreams coming true, etc.


Maker's Hub is Twelve Month of Making's exclusive library of freebies! This includes downloadable content, artwork, resources, tips, tricks, mini-courses, etc. Maker's Hub will be uploaded with new content regularly and is free to access with a password. Maker's Hub will launch mid-January or early February 2016. To be the first to know when Maker's Hub launches sign up for Maker's Mail HERE.


Maker's Mail is the name of the Twelve Months of Making newsletter!  Upon signing up for Maker's Mail you will be the first to receive news, updates, exclusive content, & freebies from Twelve Months of Making. This can include things like downloadable content, exclusive interviews, product launches, and other awesome stuff! We promise never to share your personal info and to never bombard you with useless newsletters. We aim for Maker's Mail to be an email you actually want to read. Sign up for Maker's Mail HERE.



Right now there's no "official challenge" associated with Twelve Months of Making, but there's many ways to utilize our site! We're here to promote the spirit of making all year long by encouraging your endeavors and goals, sharing interviews and stories, blogging about all the trial and error that comes with biting your lip and making something, and sharing any resources/prompts we can along the way. The site will continue to evolve as time goes on.


How Can I Get Interviewed?

We're so glad that you feel so connected to Twelve Months of Making, that you'd be willing to share your work/story/journey. We really enjoy interviewing and sharing maker's of all disciplines and personalities! Variety is the spice of life! If you're interested in being considered for an interview, then please reach out HERE.

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